Community Guidelines

Updated Aug. 21, 2018

At The Discourse, we’re here to listen and to learn from you. This means we value the insight, perspectives and lived experiences that our members choose to share, and the time you take to share them.

Our goal is to create useful, vibrant, welcoming and inclusive hubs around each of our channels, where members and reporters can pool their knowledge, explore ideas, investigate important questions, and foster productie conversation to inspire change about the issues that matter to them.

Passionate — even heated — debate is welcome and encouraged because we see it as key to a healthy, engaged and evolving community. But constructive dialogue can only happen in a safe space where respect is the rule. (Empathy helps, too.)

So, when you post a contribution on The Discourse

  • Contributions should be relevant to the content or the topic of discussion
  • Comment on content and ideas — not on the people posting them
  • Treat each other with respect, even as you challenge each other’s politics and perspectives
  • The following kinds of content are prohibited: personal attacks; insults or slurs; defamatory comments; hate speech; threats or harassment; discriminatory comment or comment that exposes an individual or a group to hatred or contempt on the basis of religion, race, nationality or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability
  • Respect each other’s privacy, for example, by not disclosing someone’s sexual orientation or personal stories that are not your own; don’t post or threaten to post other people’s personally identifying information, either
  • No advertising, “spam” or other commercial posts; and if you’re going to share someone else’s work, make sure you credit them   

Consequences of not respecting these guidelines

We reserve the right to hide or delete any contribution that breaches these guidelines. Repeat offenders will be considered unwelcome and may be banned from engaging on The Discourse’s website or social channels.

How to contact us

As members of The Discourse, you are crucial to the communities we’re trying to build and the discussions we aim to foster. We hope you’ll help us nurture spaces that are both lively and welcoming to a diversity of views and experiences. If a debate takes a toxic, we hope you’ll help defuse the hostility and steer it back on track.

If you need a hand from a member of our team or want to flag a comment for review, don’t hesitate to send us a message via email or our social accounts. We will endeavour to assess flagged comments within two business days of receiving a complaint, and take action if needed

And as always, we welcome your feedback and your questions on everything we publish. These guidelines are a living document and will evolve in response to your feedback, and the needs of our communities. Lindsay Sample, our Editorial Director, is keen to hear any suggestions, questions or concerns you may have. Get in touch with Lindsay here.[end]

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