The Discourse provides community-powered journalism to underserved communities.

What we do.

Local news is good for democracy. But with the collapse of community newspapers, many people can’t find in-depth journalism that accurately reflects their communities and lives.

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    A new model of community-powered journalism.

    By providing in-depth journalism accountable to diverse communities, we are contributing to a more equitable democracy.

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    Growing independent, local media.

    The Discourse builds local digital news products that bring communities together.

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    Deep Dives.

    The Discourse produces collaborative reporting projects with media partners to investigate issues that matter to our community members.

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    Editorial consulting.

    The Discourse offers consulting and editorial services to empower others to serve their communities with in-depth journalism.

Our work.

Vancouver Island

‘Breastfeeding is a traditional food that should be protected’

Child apprehension should not cut off the crucial breastfeeding bond between newborn and parent, advocates say.
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Land-based teachings to classrooms
Vancouver Island

Innovative high school program brings land-based Coast Salish teachings into classroom

The Land and Language Based Learning Program β€” led by yutustanaat of Snuneymuxw First Nation β€” incorporates local Indigenous ways of knowing to Ladysmith Secondary School.
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Community-powered journalism, the francophone way

A conversation with La Converse’s editor-in-chief, Lela SaviΔ‡
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IndigiNews, a new local journalism platform, launches to serve Indigenous communities

APTN and The Discourse launch IndigiNews into the economic headwinds of COVID-19 with the goal of developing a new business model for independent Indigenous news.
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The Discourse Cowichan's local new team
Cowichan Valley Vancouver Island

COVID-19 is killing local news when we need it most

The Discourse Cowichan is expanding its coverage to fill the gap in local news created by COVID-19. We need your help to make this possible.
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What people are saying.

“So often in today’s information-saturated world, I skim read. I approach your stories differently, as they bring me closer to the people in my community. I set aside quiet time to let your words sink in.”

Pamela Williams
Community member, The Discourse Cowichan

“This article makes me so excited for the future. I feel a sense of awakening and reassurance that maybe we’re headed towards a positive future.”

Deepak Sharma
Community member, The Discourse
The Discourse

About us.

The Discourse is a digital news media company based in Vancouver B.C. We provide community-powered journalism to underserved communities. We currently operate digital media serving the Cowichan Valley, southern Alberta, Francophone Quebec and Indigenous communities in the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island.

We were founded by three journalists in 2014 to experiment with new forms of news. Since then, our team has been producing award-winning collaborative journalism that privileges diverse perspectives, is driven by the pursuit of truth, and creates positive change in underrepresented communities.

In 2017, we began developing a new business model for providing in-depth local news. Supported with startup funding from value-aligned partners, investors, family and community members who became owners in our company through an equity crowdfunding campaign (plus a lot of bootstrapping), we launched our community-powered platform The Discourse in 2018.

We now operate The Discourse, IndigiNews and La Converse.

Our reporting team in the Okanagan and our child welfare, education and health reporters on on Vancouver Island are funded in part by the Government of Canada, through the Local Journalism Initiative.

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