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COVID-19 crisis fast-tracks safe drug supply

People who use drugs and don't have secure housing are extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus. Officials are scrambling to offer new supports to keep people safe.

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Covid 19 everything is cancelled Cowichan this week

Cowichan This Week

Cowichan Valley news and events: Find out what's happening.

I took this photo while harvesting nettles that I will dry and give to the elders for tea. It reminds me that since the beginning elders have always needed harvesters and gatherers to support them, and now we have to remember that teaching. We need to gather food and medicine for our elders, and we need to make sure we do it in a safe way. Jared Qwustenuxun Williams/The Discourse Cowichan

COVID-19: How are First Nations elders doing?

I checked in with some elders from Cowichan Tribes to ask how they are doing, and what they need.

COVID-19: How are people on the streets coping?

Hungry, afraid, and nowhere to go. Homeless people in Cowichan share their struggles.

How to support local businesses in Cowichan during the COVID-19 outbreak

Mapping how we can safely support local businesses in Cowichan

#SupportLocal tool aims to provide detailed information to help people navigate life during COVID-19.

Photo of two women wearing masks and holing up bottles of clear liquid. They offered volunteer help for the COVID-19 coronavirus response.

COVID-19 response: 5 ways you can help

Want to volunteer or donate? Here are current calls for help in Cowichan.