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The Koksilah River, raging near the Kinsol Trestle earlier this month. Photo credit: Swarn Hardy

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homelessness in Cowichan

How can we tell better stories about homelessness?

Cowichan residents gathered in Duncan to discuss how journalists can do a better job telling stories about homelessness.

Nominate a woman making an impact in the Cowichan Valley

On International Women's Day, we want to profile women who are shaping our community. Tell us which stories to tell

Most of the women who stay in the 15 beds at the Cowichan Women’s Night Shelter are part of a tight-knit community of people living on the streets of Duncan, says manager Adria Borghesan. David Minkow/The Discourse Cowichan

Where do the homeless people in Cowichan come from?

It’s a question I’ve heard from you. Here’s what I’ve been able to learn, and what we may still find out.

Water surrounds a home on Sa-Seen-Os Road in Youbou on Monday, Feb. 3. Debris on the garage wall shows the high water mark. (Jacqueline Ronson/The Discourse Cowichan)

After Cowichan flooding, recovery efforts begin

How bad was the flooding, what will it take to rebuild and who still needs help? Here’s your primer on Cowichan Valley, after the flood.

This 1854 map shows a

Cowichan Nation Alliance’s land rights case comes to Duncan

The fight to reclaim a historic fishing village in Richmond is in Duncan court this week to allow local elders to be heard.