The Koksilah River, raging near the Kinsol Trestle earlier this month. Photo credit: Swarn Hardy
Construction workers put finishing touches on new homes near Berkey’s Corner in North Cowichan. Jacqueline Ronson/The Discourse Cowichan

We hear you. The Cowichan Valley’s natural environment is a big part of what makes this place special. But the Cowichan environment is changing. You’ve told us your concerns about water, flooding, fire, drought and climate change. You have questions about land development, agriculture and forestry.

The Discourse Cowichan team is here to go deeper than the daily news to give you the information you need to navigate this changing environment.

Against the current: This kayaking filmmaker captures community-led solutions for the environment

The ocean paddling expedition to remote island communities like Lasqueti and Gabriola centers local sustainability knowledge.

Reporter’s Notebook: Learnings from the Xwulqw’selu Sta’lo’

A group of citizen volunteers is mobilizing to explore connections and create solutions for the Koksilah watershed.

Reporter’s Notebook: Fire at 1580 Maple Bay Road

‘The idea of a forest fire is terrifying to me. One on our sacred mountain is even more terrifying, if that’s at all possible,’ writes Jared Qwustenuxun Williams

What does a 10+ air quality rating mean anyway?

The Discourse asked a meteorologist about smoke forecasts, air quality and data.

How has the pandemic been for whales?

A reader wanted to know how whales have been doing through COVID-19. I asked some experts.

What’s going on with the municipal forest consultation?

North Cowichan is reviewing its forest management regime. Here’s what you need to know.

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