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Hi, I’m Aparita, a reporter who has deep roots in Scarborough and is committed to serving this community by surfacing untold stories beyond stereotypes. Residents here tell me there’s a lot they love about their community, but that’s not usually what they see in the media. They’re frustrated by the excessive coverage of crime and lack of context in stories. This is your space to reclaim Scarborough.

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Here’s what our readers are saying:

“Through this independent digital media source, supported by the public, residents of Scarborough finally have a real voice. Great work being done by Aparita Bhandari and Anita Li who are out working with the community to get our stories out there.”

— Carol Baker

“Let me first just say that I am a total fan [of] The Discourse. As a Scarberian myself, I truly believe you guys are helping to fill in a massive gap that needed to be filled in our media landscape.”

— Mandeq Jama

“I think so far you folks have already left a mark in Scarborough and cannot wait to see all the awesome community building you will do this year. :)”

Joy N. Henderson

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