The Reconciliation Discourse: a mini-course on truth and reconciliation

The Reconciliation Discourse: back of person dancing in regalia outside
Photo by Jacqueline Ronson
The Reconciliation Discourse: Kids in orange shirts stand outside window filled with orange hearts
Photo by Shannon Mills

In honour of the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we’ve put together an email course so that you can learn more about reconciliation from a local perspective. Over the course of six emails, you’ll get stories and resources from The Discourse and IndigiNews. We’ve selected these articles to bring us on a journey together, one that we hope will deepen our understanding of the issues and the path forward. This course was crafted mainly with a non-Indigenous audience, which may have less familiarity with the topics, in mind. If you’re Indigenous, we hope you’ll appreciate the stories and voices shared, too.

You’ll hear from Indigenous and non-Indigenous journalists alike. We’ll visit places on Vancouver Island and beyond. We won’t shy away from the hard stuff, but we’ll celebrate Indigenous strength and joy, too. We’ll highlight solutions and let you know what you can actually do. We’ll offer resources — on how to craft a land acknowledgement, on where to begin learning an Indigenous language, on where to go to learn more.