The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit sits ao the base of Mt. Prevost, near Duncan. Jacqueline Ronson/The Discourse
The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit sits at the base of Mt. Prevost, near Duncan. Jacqueline Ronson/The Discourse

The Discourse Cowichan uncovered that the Cowichan Valley Citizen failed to report residents’ concerns over the Cowichan racetrack. Apparently, this was to avoid upsetting advertisers with the newspaper. Now, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit plans a major expansion, and neighbours say it’s already too loud. Get your independent journalism on the controversial Cowichan racetrack.

North Cowichan wins appeal in motorsport track dispute

The B.C. Court of Appeal found that the municipality was reasonable in denying a development permit for the expansion of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

North Cowichan will appeal motorsport court ruling

The municipality is challenging an order to reconsider the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit expansion plans.

North Cowichan must reconsider motorsport track expansion: judge

Council will meet today to consider an appeal, Mayor Al Siebring says.

How big is track lawsuit threat after council rejection?

We talked to a municipal law expert and dug into public documents to find answers.

Council again votes ‘no’ on track expansion

The Municipality of North Cowichan stood its ground in the face of $60 million lawsuit threat after a show of overwhelming public support for denying the rezoning.

The motorsport circuit story that almost never got told

When the Cowichan Valley Citizen suppressed critical coverage of the Vancouver Island Motorcircuit because of an advertising relationship, The Discourse Cowichan stepped up.

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