Letter: “I got my little girl back, but she is not the same little girl.”

Since March 2018, reporter Brielle Morgan has been covering the trial of an Indigenous mother who’s fighting to get her four daughters out of foster care, and she’s been getting lots of feedback. The following letter was emailed on June 22, 2018, in response to this newsletter.

I read this article, as well as the one about visits. I can’t even express the feelings welling up in me. The frustration. The helplessness. I’ve gone through similar situations. The workers know that the way to hurt people the most is to withhold their children. It’s their way of controlling the parents and happens all the time. They will use any excuse to make the visits supervised, at their locations and anything they can do to make them as uncomfortable as possible. They consider any serious, truthful conversation as adult [conversation]. I got my little girl back, but she is not the same little girl.



What do you make of Brielle Morgan’s coverage of this case — and the broader child-welfare system? How can she improve her reporting? Share your thoughts publicly or email brielle@thediscourse.ca.


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