Making Rent

Since our series on homelessness, we’ve been hearing from renters that are struggling to make ends meet. 

Average rent in Nanaimo is growing faster than in the capital region, and Nanaimo’s vacancy rate continues to drop. We know people in Nanaimo want to better understand how we got here and the way forward.

Our solutions series builds from community consultations, surveys and investigations to illuminate the situation and responses on the ground and inspire evidence-based change. Ongoing since spring 2021.

Read part one to learn about Nanaimo’s rental and income data.

Read part two to understand how rental rates got so out of control.

Read part three to learn about what experts say we can do about it.

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Looking for a new kind of community living? Nanaimo’s second cohousing project lifts off to meet growing demand.

The newly formed Lost Lake Cohousing is looking for members to create an intentional community in the north end of Nanaimo.

The city provides water. These tenants want to know why they’re paying a private company for it.

Water sub-meters installed in Nanaimo complexes enable private companies to track and charge tenants for water and sewer. But a lack of regulation leaves tenants feeling confused.

Housing Gabriola: Amid setbacks, housing society says it’s ‘disappointed but not deterred’

From permits to funding, the barriers to getting the Paisley Place affordable rental complex off the ground have been many.

Housing Gabriola: This group of citizens is building an affordable housing complex from the ground up

On this small Gulf Island, a proactive community spirit is helping solve the local rental affordability crisis.

Making rent more affordable in Nanaimo: A community conversation

Reporter Julie Chadwick sat down with Nanaimo Ladysmith MP Paul Manly to talk about how we got here and what’s next.

These tenants are organizing to restore safety in their Nanaimo complex

After many months of advocacy, residents of the non-profit family housing complex say they’re seeing change for the better, and others could learn from their experience.

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