Video: How plastic gets into the ocean

There are more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean and some of them are washing up on Canada’s shores. This video explains how they got there.

[embed_story post=”7910″ title=”” description=”Thousands of kilograms of plastic garbage are piling up on the seabed and on Canada’s shores, but the government doesn’t yet have a domestic strategy to tackle marine debris.” button_text=”Read more”]


What should Canada do about plastic pollution?

I’d like to hear your thoughts after you’ve read my stories on the plastic washing up on Canada’s shores. Do you think you’ll change how you use plastic? What is the government’s responsibility? How else can Canadians solve this problem? Are there follow-up questions you’d like me to explore or solutions I should cover?

I’ll also use what comes up in this discussion to inform follow-up stories. Post your contributions here.




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