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On June 2, 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) released 94 calls to action, the outcome of its six-year inquiry into Canada’s residential school system, that provided a blueprint for how to redress the effects of those schools and move Canada toward reconciliation. In three calls, the TRC challenged Canadian media to confront its contribution to the Canadian public’s ignorance and misconceptions of Indigenous peoples and issues.

Toward Reconciliation is Discourse Media’s response to this challenge.

Since September 2015, Discourse Media has been researching how the journalism industry can support reconciliation. We consulted dozens of Indigenous and non-Indigenous journalists, community leaders and youth to better understand how we, as journalists, could improve our work. They told us:

  1. Canada needs sustained, in-depth reporting on how, if at all, our governments, institutions and communities are delivering on their pledges to address the issues raised by the TRC, and what approaches are working.
  2. Canadian journalists need to improve how they represent Indigenous people and issues in their reporting on all issues of importance.
  3. Indigenous perspectives, especially stories and perspectives from isolated parts of the country, need to be amplified in national dialogue about the future.

Read “Reconciling Journalism” for more on what we’re learning.

On May 27, 2016, at the Canadian Association of Journalists national conference, we launched Toward Reconciliation. The project ― a collaboration between journalists, media outlets and other organizations working to contribute to reconciliation ― aims to be a hub of sustained, high-quality, forward-looking journalism about how Canada is responding to the challenges of reconciliation. We will publish investigations into how our country is changing as we attempt to revitalize relationships between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. We will track governments’ and institutions’ pledges to change and hold them to account. We will share stories of communities and individuals who are working on solutions.

Toward Reconciliation also aims to convene a conversation within our industry and share resources as we work on improving our reporting. It is a growing consortium of partners, both media outlets and other types of organizations, dedicated to addressing the TRC’s challenge to journalists. If you or your organization want to help us facilitate a fundamental shift in public dialogue about the challenging but critical issues surrounding reconciliation, we would like to hear from you. Contact us at info@discoursemedia.org and read this post to learn how we collaborate.

Get involved

We’d love to hear your stories. How are you impacted by the issues we’re reporting on? What solutions do you see? Who is inspiring you? Are you a reporter interested in collaborating? Get in touch at info@discoursemedia.org. Read this post to find out how we work.

Steal our stories

We invite news outlets and other media of all kinds to republish much of our content. Are you an editor interested in republishing our stories or participating in future collaborations? Get in touch at info@discoursemedia.org.


Discourse Media does not rely on advertising to fund our work. Our journalism is funded by organizations or individuals who share our values and and believe public interest journalism has a role in social change. Their support does not imply endorsement of our journalism, and they have no influence whatsoever on what we publish. Maintaining journalistic integrity is critically important to us to stay focused on creating journalism that is in the public interest.

If you believe in the work we are doing and want to contribute to its continued development, please contact us at info@discoursemedia.org.

Toward Reconciliation journalism fellowships

We are creating fellowships for journalists at multiple media outlets to pursue stories of reconciliation. If you are interested in participating in or supporting a fellowship, please email info@discoursemedia.org and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on calls for fellowships.    


Executive editor: Erin Millar | @erinmillar

Managing editor: Rachel Nixon | @rachelnixon

Contributing editor: Daina Lawrence | @DainaCLawrence

Digital & data editor: Caitlin Havlak | @caitmillar

Community engagement editor: Brielle Morgan | @briellemimi

Contributing editor: Ian Gill | @Gillwave

Social media coordinator & copy editor: Chloe Sjuberg | @chloesjuberg

Partnership director: Debbie Douez | @ddouez



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