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Survey: Forests for B.C.’s Future

Jacqueline Ronson April 26, 2021

The Discourse and IndigiNews are working on Forests for the Future, a deep, solutions-focused investigation into the future of sustainable forestry in British Columbia.

The purpose of this survey is to gather input across a wide range of people and perspectives in the world of forests and forestry in British Columbia, and in particular the Vancouver Island and Okanagan regions. We want to report on what’s working, where solutions exist and where communities are working productively together, even if they disagree. We need your help finding those stories.

The Discourse may publish some of the feedback we receive, but we will not use your name or identifying information without your permission.

Forests for the future

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Want to support this work? This series will be paid for in part by partner organizations that understand the value of high-impact, community-led journalism and want to be part of it. If your organization is interested, contact Terri Potratz.