What are you curious about, Cowichan?

The Discourse Cowichan wants to help answer the questions you have about this place and the people who live here.

Big or small, tell us what makes you curious in Cowichan. With your help, The Discourse Cowichan will dig into your curiosities and reveal hidden truths about the place we live. We hope that, through the process, we’ll grow our community and learn more about each other, too. Tell us your Curious in Cowichan questions here:

  • Is there a landmark or a building that you wish you knew how it got there? What do you wish you knew about the history of this place? What do you see in your neighbourhood that makes you wonder how it got that way? Have you noticed a change, and wondered why?
  • You'll get credit for asking the question. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, tell us here.
  • I’ll contact you if I want to follow up on your question.

About The Discourse Cowichan

The Discourse is focused on truly local news that brings the Cowichan community together. That’s why we listen before we report, and our community members inform what stories we tell. Our journalism is not dictated by people — politicians, advertisers, journalists — who aren’t invested in the communities we serve.

We’re passionate, scrappy journalists and we’re committed to building a new kind of media that better reflects us all — because we’re connected to these communities, too.

Reporter Jacqueline Ronson cares about the Cowichan Valley because she lives here and she’s heard that many people are unsatisfied with the state of local media. That’s why, she is committed to building a better model. Above all, that model starts with listening, and with telling in-depth stories that matter to people who live here.

Together, our team at The Discourse Cowichan produces award-winning investigative journalism that privileges feminist and diverse perspectives and is driven by the pursuit of truth.

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