Power Struggle: Sub-Saharan Africa

Our reporting on sub-Saharan Africa from the first round of the Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship.

Sub-Saharan Africa Access to Energy Research Brief

As part of our global analysis, we researched the state of energy access in sub-Saharan Africa.

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In Zimbabwe, a struggle between climate change and energy poverty 


Zimbabwe is a microcosm for the entire sub-Saharan African region, where climate change and El Nino-induced droughts are driving a crisis of energy poverty that is stunting public health, economic development, and the hopes of millions to rise out of poverty.

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How solar energy is helping Cameroon tackle poverty


More than 80 per cent of Cameroon’s 22 million inhabitants live on less than US $1 a day and cannot afford access to reliable, affordable power. What will it take to bring clean energy to the masses?

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In Cameroon, the national grid faces power outages while sustainable energy blossoms


Amid electricity blackouts, reporter Elias Ntungwe Ngalame finds great potential for sustainable energy innovation in Cameroon’s seaside communities.

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Decentralized energy management brings changes in power and poverty struggle in Africa


Local councils and development groups are working together to overcome the economic challenges of carrying out solar-powered water supply projects in rural Africa.

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Energy access could power conflict resolution dialogue in Nigeria 


Working on Nigeria’s electricity crisis would reduce cultural violence and conflict over resources, says one young female energy leader.

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Will renewable energy bury Africa’s potential billions from oil?

African nations are embracing the drive toward economic development, and expansion of energy access plays a key role. Can they benefit from their rich fossil fuel resources while also committing to a sustainable energy future?

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How Africa and India are hacking the grid


A rapidly growing army of entrepreneurs and companies in Africa and South Asia are creating a new energy paradigm built on services, community and flexibility.

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How Africa could leapfrog fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives


There are multiple choices ahead for Africa thanks to the rapid rise of clean energy. Compared to the fossil-fuelled status quo, clean energy has the ability to distribute power more equitably, provide cheaper energy, more energy access, cleaner air and water, and create many more jobs.

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