Do you think the media can do a better job of covering gender-based violence?

Help guide us — take reporter Emma Jones’ survey.

For months, I have been hearing that journalism about gender-based violence can be inaccurate and triggering. Public conversations about gender-based violence, discrimination and inequality often lack the nuance required to move beyond victim-blaming narratives and make constructive change.

This is partly because of how challenging it can be to report incidents of violence, which means people’s experiences are not often reflected in available statistics. Specifically, I have been hearing that when B.C. approves resource development projects, both government and industry often fail to acknowledge the social impacts of those projects, especially increased violence toward Indigenous women.

Leading up to the provincial election on May 9, I’m asking Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of all genders, front-line anti-violence sector workers, advocates, academics, researchers, and the broader public to respond to the questions, below. Your responses will help me produce journalism investigations, stories, fact checks and “explainer” videos that are driven by questions from people deeply connected to issues of gender-based violence. Your questions and responses will help us surface patterns and decide what to investigate.

Click, here, to fill out the survey. I’ve also included my questions, below:

  1. By way of introducing yourself, is there anything you would like to share about your connection(s) to gender-based violence?
  2. How can media do a better job reporting on gender issues (including in remote and Indigenous communities)?
  3. What’s one question you have about gender and identity that journalists should investigate?
  4. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, I appreciate how difficult it can be to share personal experiences in this space. I hope that by collecting a range of stories and perspectives, we will be able to contribute to more diverse and nuanced conversations about gender-based violence. [end]

If you’d like to contact me directly, I can be reached at or 604-688-0639.


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