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We know that this sprawling suburb has many untold stories about many unsung heroes.

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Scarborough Discourse producer Anita Li and I know that this sprawling suburb has many untold stories about many unsung heroes. Our recent transit series is one such example of journalism that’s inspired by your daily lives, and informed by your experiences.

It goes without saying that I’m a huge Scarborough fan. But for many locals I know, growing up here came with stigma, especially whenever outsiders referred to this suburb as “Scarlem” or “Scarberia,” reinforcing the stereotype that it’s a culturally bankrupt, crime-ridden place. But we know the truth — that Scarborough is a vibrant, diverse, tight-knit community full of potential.

When I first moved to Toronto from my former hometown of New Delhi in 1998, Scarborough was a home away from home. Whenever I got homesick, I’d hop on a bus to Scarborough, which was a short ride away from my place in North York. The smell of freshly fried samosas or medhu vadas, a savoury lentil doughnut, would immediately take me back to the canteens at which I regularly ate during my childhood. The sound of temple bells transported me back to trips that my family took to mark religious occasions. And the sight of women wearing saris and sneakers — sometimes even in the middle of winter — reminded me of aunties in my old neighbourhood who went for their daily morning and evening walks.

Both Anita, who grew up near Finch and McCowan, and I understand Scarborough intimately, so we bring this insight and expertise to our coverage. From our weekly newsletter that highlights events and hot topics in your neighbourhood, to larger investigative pieces that dig into local concerns like stereotypes, our work is rooted in listening to and collaborating with you.

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