What do you think about coverage of Indigenous news on Vancouver Island?

We’re hiring reporters to cover health, education and child welfare — and we want your feedback

The Discourse is partnering with APTN, supported by funding from the Local Journalism Initiative, to covering Indigenous news on Vancouver Island. We’re hiring a health reporter, a child welfare reporter and an education reporter. Our goal is to provide journalism that serves and is driven by what people say they want. If you care about these topics, help our reporters get started by answering the questions below.

We take your privacy seriously. While we will be sharing about the overall themes and issues we learn about, we won’t share your name, specific details or information publicly without your permission (more on our privacy policy here).

  • Do you reach for a local paper? Go on Facebook? Check instagram? Listen to the radio? Watch the news? Get a newsletter?
  • Our reporters will be covering education, health, and child welfare.
    If so, we'll send you an email.
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. We really value your time and will connect with you again soon.


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