A man chats on a cell phone among fishing boats in the early morning light in Nanaimo Harbour in October, 2019. Photo by Jesse Winter.
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Hey Nanaimo, what stories need to be told in your community?

Tell us how the media can serve you better.
Lindsay Sample May 12, 2020

Our team at The Discourse Cowichan has been hearing that there’s a need for more in-depth media coverage in Nanaimo.

We want to know, do you think Nanaimo needs more in-depth journalism? What stories could a reporter dig into that you would find valuable?

Fill out our short survey below. The information that you give us will inform our next steps.

We ask for your name and email so we can follow up if we have any questions about what you write. While we will be sharing some overall information about what we hear, we won’t share your name, specific details or information publicly without your permission (more on our privacy policy here).