SURVEY: What makes you curious, Nanaimo?

The Discourse Nanaimo wants to help answer the questions you have about this place and the people who live here.

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Do you have a question about Nanaimo that has you scratching your head? With your help, our team at The Discourse Nanaimo will dig into your curiosities and reveal hidden truths about the people and places here. 

  • Got a question about Nanaimo? Have you noticed a change in your neighbourhood? Big or small, tell us what makes you curious in Nanaimo.
  • You’ll get credit for asking the question. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, tell us here.
  • We’ll contact you if we’d like to follow up on your question.

About The Discourse Nanaimo

The Discourse is focused on truly local news that brings the community together. We don’t just cover the latest story — we focus on slow journalism that serves a community’s needs. In other words, you tell us what you want to understand and we produce in-depth stories in reponse.

We started serving Vancouver Island by creating  The Discourse Cowichan, where we’ve been sharing stories for nearly three years. Reader support makes our work possible, so we are accountable to our audience — not interest groups. We’re passionate about building a new kind of media that better reflects us all — because we’re connected to these communities, too.

Reporter Julie Chadwick cares about the Nanaimo region. As a former reporter for the Nanaimo Daily News, she understands the importance of local journalism and what’s lost when a local newspaper shuts down. Above all, she and her colleagues at The Discourse are committed to journalism that starts with listening and with telling in-depth, rigorously fact-checked stories that matter to people who live here. [end] 



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