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Hi! I’m Anita, The Discourse’s director of communities. I hope to hone in on underreported stories that matter to communities by collaborating with people on the ground, and by ensuring our commitment to diversity. To keep up to date with all things Communities, subscribe to my newsletter, and feel free to contact me via email.

RSVP to Public Newsroom: Women in Cowichan Media

Tell me what matters to you and your community.

We want to amplify Indigenous stories and perspectives in the Okanagan

APTN and The Discourse are joining forces to develop independent digital media focused on community-driven storytelling.

4 reasons millennials make me hopeful about the future of news

Media has accused this much-loathed generation of killing everything from marriage to beer. But millennials might actually save journalism.

The business case for asking our audience what to investigate next

Seeking audience input is not only good journalism but sound business practice.

Can we crowdsource a better policy to support journalism?

After we argued that the Liberals’ tax measures for journalism hurt startups, The Discourse got a chance to make our case to government. Will you help us write a better policy?

Liberals’ journalism funding makes it harder to launch news startups

We’re not looking for a handout. But we didn’t expect the government to distort the playing field so dramatically.