Tools to turn data flops into data dumps

Here are some places to bookmark for your next freedom of information request

Have you ever been told the data you’re looking for doesn’t exist? I shared a recent Freedom of Information request roadblock in my June data newsletter with some tips on what to do. Here are some free online tools to go with those tips that I shared in a Twitter thread this week.

1. Can’t find your #FOI or #ATIP analyst contact info? Find it in this directory of federal government employees: … or your provincial one (eg #BritishColumbia  ) & search for Freedom of Information or Access to Information

2. Don’t know what information exists and in what form? Check out @foiamapper by @galka_max – while it’s for the US it gives you an idea of how to figure out what government records are kept and in what form.

Some of the tools and search options available from FOIA Mapper.


3. Need help crafting your freedom of information request? Check out @FOIAMachine. It’s “a platform for journalists and citizens to prepare, file and track public record requests”   #FOIA

4. Want to join forces with other journalists when looking for data? Check out @MuckRock a “repository of hundreds of thousands of pages of original government materials, information on how to file requests, and tools to make the requesting process easier.” Coming to #Canada

Do you have other tools or tips? Well stop hoarding them and release them to the public like any good government agency! Tweet at me @francescafionda and I’ll share them in my data newsletter.[end]


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