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Scarborough residents and city councillors discuss personal side of transit

The LRT versus subway debate inevitably came up, resulting in a few heated exchanges.
Anita Li , and March 21, 2019

More than 30 people attended Scarborough Discourse’s transit-themed Story Circle late last month, including three local city councillors: Jim Karygiannis, Cynthia Lai and Jennifer McKelvie. Everyone participated in small breakout group discussions, describing their daily experiences using public transit, before we reconvened in a large circle to share our findings and insights.

Attendees took issue with bus bunching, transit delays and long commutes, while they called for safer intersections for bus stops, more buses in Scarborough in general and better customer service from TTC employees. 

“I use all modes of transit — I drive, I ride my bike, I use transit. Sometimes I ride my bike and…I can get to Union Station faster by bike than I can by taking the TTC. So, that’s an issue with the surface routes, the reliability of getting a bus on time. It’s an issue with transfers…waiting for Line 2, waiting for Line 1,” said resident and Story Circle attendee Michael Manu.

“I think it’s also an issue with fare integration, as well. Because I do have an option in Guildwood GO; I do have an option in Eglinton GO. But it’s too expensive for me to use, so the TTC is the option — or my bike, which is faster, so I’ll take my bike.”

Although our goal for the Story Circle was to encourage attendees to discuss transit issues beyond the LRT versus subway debate, it inevitably came up, resulting in a few heated exchanges.

Watch the video, above, to see all the action.

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