Newsletter: Searching for solutions after our #PlasticPileup investigation

Reporter Alia Dharssi is planning to do some in-depth digging into some of the possible solutions to Canada’s plastic pileup.

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Last week, we published my investigation into the risks of ocean plastic pollution on the Canadian environment. The story highlights how the government has no plan in place to clean up thousands of kilograms of plastic washing onto Canada’s shores every year. Instead, cleanup efforts are left to volunteers who reach a fraction of Canada’s immense coastline.  

I’m left with one key question: Now what?

A lot of people think that Canada needs a plan to clean up the mess — especially in remote areas. Hundreds of them are currently rallying around a petition to the House of Commons calling the government to “establish a national strategy to combat plastic pollution.” And there’s a report from the Environmental Law Centre that highlights a range of policies Canada could consider from regulating stormwater outfalls to banning plastic bags. But beyond policies, I’ve heard from people who want to know what they can do.

That’s why I made this list of 10 things people concerned about plastic pollution can do. You can also watch a BBC video about five ways to break up with plastic. But, in the big picture, our plastic problem likely isn’t going away anytime soon.

So I’m planning to follow up my investigation by doing in-depth digging into some of the possible solutions. Some ideas that I’ve come across and that have been recommended by readers include:

I’d value your guidance on where to go from here. What are you most interested in? Do you know about solutions I should cover? Are there particular questions you’d like me to explore? Join this discussion on The Discourse, message me on Facebook or Twitter, or email me to share your thoughts.



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