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VIDEO: Summer droughts and winter floods have gone from rare to common in Cowichan Valley, B.C.

The community heads to the polls to vote on a water referendum this October.

From summer droughts to winter floods, the community of the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, is seeing the effects of climate change first hand. In this video, The Discourse explores the Cowichan Valley’s upcoming municipal referendum on watershed management, set for Oct. 20, 2018:


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We aim to be transparent about our reporting and the sources we use. So here are the data and sources behind the video:

On the water referendum

The Cowichan Valley Regional District landing page with reports, resources, FAQ and referenda information, and the proposed bylaw.

On climate change and water supply in the Cowichan Valley

The Cowichan Valley Regional District’s landing page for resources on water management in the region.

The water systems map of the Cowichan Region and this page on the unique challenges of the region.The Cowichan Valley Regional District’s Climate Projections for 2017 that looks at climate change and water usage in the region. 

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