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Woman stands outside building.

COVID-19 closures leave some homeless people out in the cold

How do you keep people without a home healthy in a pandemic? Local service providers face a tough balancing act.

Local news, powered by the community.

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Photo of a grocery store with shelves of vegetables and a sign that reads

Calling local businesses! Tell us about changes to your operations and how Cowichan can support you

We’re tracking local business updates to help connect the community to needed goods and services during the coronavirus pandemic.

chalk drawing on pavement reads

In Cowichan, let’s all support each other

The world has changed. It will take all of us working together to adapt to the new one.

Image shows a coastline with a sharp contrast between dark land and light water and sky.

Why are First Nations and non-First Nations communities so separate?

A reader sent a question about social distance in Cowichan. I’ll do my best to answer.

Why we want Jared Qwustenuxun Williams to write for The Discourse Cowichan

The past few weeks have made it clear why we need strong Indigenous voices in Canadian media. You can help.

Dr. Elizabeth Plant is an addiction physician in the Cowichan Valley. She recently completed an addiction medicine fellowship with the BC Centre on Substance Use. David Minkow/The Discourse Cowichan

The hidden costs of overdoses

Toxic brain injuries are a hidden epidemic in the opioid overdose crisis, a Cowichan Valley doctor says.