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Cowihcan Valley Growth

In with the new and in with the old in Cowichan

What do we know about how our population is changing?

Local news, powered by the community.

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Shops and homes in Duncan’s Chinatown in 1969. Photo courtesy Cowichan Valley Museum & Archives

What’s Whippletree Junction’s Chinatown connection?

Have you heard that Whippletree’s buildings came from Duncan’s historic Chinatown? It’s a great story, but not entirely true.

How reporting local news for Cowichan gave me new life

When newspapers close, local government is less accountable, civic engagement declines, and it’s harder for locals to connect with one another. Starting up a new media outlet became my path from isolation to connection.

“This is the best place I have ever found to furnish and decorate with second-hand items,” says Peg Ainsley, who recently moved to Duncan from Alberta. Jenny Holden/The Discourse Cowichan

Newcomer stories: “This is home”

Meet newcomer Peg Ainsley, formerly of Alberta and recently of Duncan

Somenos Lake, Duncan and Cowichan Bay, as seen from the top of Mt. Prevost.

New In Town: Digging into growth and change where we live

For 200 years, the story of Cowichan has been the story of new people coming to town.

Newcomers to Cowichan move mainly from within B.C.

Where are newcomers to Cowichan coming from?

And how do the more than 5,000 people who moved here last year enhance our community?