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Mental Health

By many indicators, the Cowichan Valley struggles with mental health and addictions more than other communities on Vancouver Island. Reporter Jacqueline Ronson and The Discourse Cowichan’s stories on the opioid overdose crisis and everyday struggles go deeper than the daily news. We bring clarity to complex problems and we investigate solutions. We are guided by your questions.

Death by police: A young man’s story, unravelled

How a mental health emergency turned fatal in a small Canadian community.

How much training do RCMP officers in B.C. get to deal with people in mental health crisis?

After police shot a young man in distress on Vancouver Island, The Discourse asked the RCMP how its officers are equipped to handle such scenarios.

What do you wonder about mental health in Cowichan?

Tell us here.

Cowichan teens rally for love over hate

Youth are leading the way to a more supportive, inclusive future in the Valley.

Police in Cowichan respond to a growing mental health crisis

How they teamed up with mental health nurses to offer better support.

4 things I’ve learned from covering addictions and mental health

Context matters when telling overdose crisis stories.

Demand for mental health support increasing among Cowichan youth

These local teens say good help is hard to find, and many of their peers are still suffering.

The Cowichan Valley celebrates Mental Health Week

Beyond the grim statistics, there are reasons for hope

Tragedies make headlines. How can journalists go beyond?

Cowichan Valley reporter Jacqueline Ronson reflects on reporting the difficult story of a young man killed by police.