Michael Manu says more investment is needed in the TTC’s services for Scarborough, both from the municipal and provincial governments.

Do you spend hours commuting on the TTC? This Scarborough resident does

‘It’s kind of a love-hate relationship,’ Michael Manu says of his reliance on the TTC’s under-resourced transit system.

Scarborough resident Michael Manu depends on public transit to get around. But commuting on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) can be frustrating, the urban planning student says.

Like many residents of the sprawling suburb east of Toronto, he has to rely on buses to get to work. Sometimes the trip can take up to two hours each way, like when he got a job in Mississauga, on the west side of the Greater Toronto Area.

Travelling within Scarborough can also be a challenge. Manu lives on a major thoroughfare called Kingston Road. However, there’s no bus service along Kingston Road outside of rush-hour service. So a trip that should not take more than 15 minutes, he says, can end up taking him 45 minutes because he might need to take two — sometimes even three — buses to reach his destination.

“It’s faster for me to bike to get around,” he says. Watch his video:

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