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As part of our on-going commitment to reconciliation, reporters Wawmeesh Hamilton and Brielle Morgan piloted Urban Nation to explore how to serve the urban Indigenous population of Greater Vancouver. The Discourse Urban Nation is now on hiatus.

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The verdict is in: We’re failing to invest in Indigenous families

MMIWG report and our latest investigation show that the state prioritizes funding foster homes over supporting struggling families.

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B.C. paying foster parents instead of supporting struggling families, experts say

‘We’re willing to give strangers just about anything to look after kids, but we have this blockage when it comes to supporting families,’ says professor.

Legitimate Indigenous souvenir businesses squeezed out

If we’re going to turn the tide on the volume of fake Indigenous art sold in souvenir shops, we need to support more Indigenous-owned shops and designers in Vancouver.

Stores commit to removing inauthentic Indigenous souvenirs after The Discourse investigation

Indigenous artists ‘should have their royalties,’ says one store owner who says she’s committed to selling authentic items.

Mass-produced magnets, bottle openers and figurines of Charlie James’s Stanley Park totem pole pop up in souvenir shops throughout Vancouver’s busiest tourist areas. Cloe Logan/The Discourse

The real story behind one of the most replicated totem poles in Vancouver

‘It's splattered all over. . . with no acknowledgement that that’s his work,’ says carver’s great-great-granddaughter.

Why aren’t fake Indigenous art makers going to jail in Canada?

A groundbreaking case in the U.S. sent two people to jail last year for misrepresenting items as genuine Navajo art. Why don’t we have a law like that here?