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New in Town newcomer Elise Durante move to chemainus

Newcomer stories: “We realized how short life can be”

Meet Cowichan newcomer Elise Durante, who didn’t want to wait until retirement to move her family from Vancouver to Chemainus.

Local news, powered by the community.

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Local news in Cowichan goes back generations

How the Cowichan Valley is rebuilding its local news and democracy

A group of citizens is forging a new path for local journalism in the wake of newspaper closures — and inspiring journalists across Canada.

Bootleg bottles from Mill Bay's Rum-running past.

What were the rum-running days like in Mill Bay?

The sensational tale of one of Cowichan’s biggest alleged bootleggers.

Housing in Cowichan, Jan MacKirdy's search.

Housing in Cowichan is becoming less affordable and less available

Residents struggle as it gets more expensive to live here.

Lou and Gloria Zheng made the move to Canada five years ago

Newcomer stories: “I want to give back”

Meet Cowichan newcomer Lou Zheng, bagel shop owner and tai chi master.

Cowihcan Valley Growth

In with the new and in with the old in Cowichan

What do we know about how our population is changing?