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earthquake techtonic plate map

How likely is a big earthquake in the Cowichan region?

I asked a seismologist what damage the Cowichan Valley could expect if a major earthquake strikes, and how to get prepared.

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What should David investigate next?

Cannabis? Life on the streets? Elder care? What should I tackle next?

Here’s your chance to vote on the topic you’d like me to dig into first.

How to contribute to The Discourse Cowichan

Five ways to contribute to The Discourse Cowichan

Want to help us offer community-driven local news in the Cowichan region? Here’s how.

Josh is one of several Cowichan residents who live in tiny homes that are on wheels. He built his home by hand. Jenny Holden--The Discourse Cowichan

Facing a housing crunch, some choose tiny house living

It's usually against local bylaws to live in them. Advocates are pushing to change that.

Tasha and her daughter have been living in their tiny home for a year and a half. Jenny Holden--The Discourse Cowichan

Tiny home stories: ‘It’s a freedom’

Meet three Cowichan Valley residents who choose to live in a tiny house on wheels.

The Paldi community gathers in front of the gurdwara in 1936 for the funeral of Mayo Singh's son, who died of meningitis.

A glimpse into the rich Sikh history in Cowichan

Why the town of Paldi was a major centre for Punjabi immigrants in Canada.