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The Paldi community gathers in front of the gurdwara in 1936 for the funeral of Mayo Singh's son, who died of meningitis.

A glimpse into the rich Sikh history in Cowichan

Why the town of Paldi was a major centre for Punjabi immigrants in Canada.

Local news, powered by the community.

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new in town rick schnurr cowichan bay

Newcomer stories: Boat life, ‘for the fun of it’

Living in Cowichan Bay on a converted fishing boat is going swimmingly for Rick Schnurr and Judy Brooks.

VIMC has a lawsuit threat against north cowichan

How big is track lawsuit threat after council rejection?

We talked to a municipal law expert and dug into public documents to find answers.

The stories we want to tell in 2020 — chosen by you

From forestry to food and reconciliation, we're ready to dig deep

Hiking in Cowichan: Hiking Maple Mountain.

Exploring the best local trails in Cowichan

Whether you are old school or new school, there are plenty of navigational tools available for your next outdoor adventure.

the cowichan discourse story circle

Sharing stories is key to our shared future

At a recent event, I was reminded that listening to each other is critical to building strong, connected communities